Monday, August 4, 2014

National Chocolate Chip Day

I shall start this post with a Public Service Announcement.  According to this site here, today is - you guessed it - National Chocolate Chip Day. I will be back in a moment. I feel a sudden, wild urge to celebrate this auspicious occasion....

Ah... Much better....

And now, fortified with chocolate chips (which we all know are really tiny kisses of the best variety) I am tackling the issue of accumulated tags. There are three, and I have put some thought into how to obligingly do the tags, without running into tedious lists of 33 things which my readers might not know about me. Mind! I am fully aware how endlessly fascinating I am, but even I am obliged to admit that 33 random facts might be overly taxing to all but the most obsessive reader - which, I am thankful to say - none of you are. This is a compliment. You are all lovely, and attentive, but not alarming. I appreciate that.

So, why have I not been writing on this blog? Well, I have been feeling rather crafty, and not author-ish. Here are eleven pictures to show just how occupied I have been:

1.) I have been making these origami poppies (with apologies for the quality and the ridiculously wide white frames):

2.) This paper rose, from an old piece of piping sheet music, of which I possessed  newer version:

3.) This miniature, hand-stitched Eeyore:

4.) This curious little robot, made from a tooth brush, with a battery and a vibrator. When you twist the wires in the back together, it skitters and twirls all over the place:

5.) This check book cover, made from an old tea box, and duct tape:

6.) These beads:

7.) Which, in turn, were made from the roses and stock in these flowers (once they were past their prime, and with a dash of cocoa powder thrown in to darken them), which were a gift- the first flowers I have ever recieved, and of which I was ridiculously fond:

8.) This rosary, made of the afore mentioned beads.

9.) These books:

10.) This picture, which was originally supposed to be posted on Memorial Day, but obviosly, never made it:

11.) This pie, based of a recipe for Cinnamon Custard Pie, but with chocolate chips in it, because of the day:

It has been many a long year since I have felt this crafty. I am enjoying it rather excessively. Indeed, I am fancying myself something of a craftsman these days. I want to make ALL THE THINGS! 


 (Oops, I have to work... make SOME OF THE THINGS... and finish the rest when I get home :-)

Yes, I am just a trifle insane. Whatever tipped you off?

So now, on to the questions part of this tag. I shall do Kat's questions first.

1.)  If you could choose to be a bug, what kind would you be?
          This althetic little creatures looks nice and harmless:

Bugs Bunny Hd Listening To Music Bug 194506 1920×1080

 2.)  You are given a choice between pizza and chocolate.  What do you choose?
       Chocolate, of course.

3.)  What does Panama make you think of?
       Hats :-) .....and origami cranes

4.)  Have you ever been so obsessed with a TV show you literally can't think of anything else for days?  Weeks, even?  If so, which TV show(s) are you obsessed with at the mo'?
       Yes, but at the moment, I am blessedly free of adictive viewing material.

5.)  Do you prefer pens or pencils when writing?
       Pens. Fountain Pens. This Pen, to be exact:
Sheaffer Tuckaway
6.)  If you could have one superpower talent, what would it be?
      Invisibility.... or the ability to create weather.

7.)  Do you visualize yourself as an archer or a ninja?

8.)  Quick!  Off the top of your head, what's the ONE THING you can't live without?

9.)  You're on the run.  Would you rather have a.) a hairbrush, or b.) a toothbrush?
      Hairbrush, because it is easier to stay incognito if one has a tidy appearance.

10.)  Are you a summer or winter person?  Why?
        Winter. Because I have an extremely low tolerance for heat. And like my winter clothes, and Christmas, and brewing wassail. And I even like driving in the snow.

11.)  Do you unashamedly watch cartoons and cry over them?  (If yes, high five, sista!)
        Yes. Up anyone? That Scene in Tangled? It is a little embarassing though.

And now, Bella's questions, but since she tagged me twice, I am not going to answer all 22 of them. I am doing every other one from each tag, which will make all concerned quite happy, I'm sure:

1.) Do you consider yourself a Nerd or a Geek?
    I am a Nerd and I'm not ashamed to say it.

2.) Have you read The Ascendance Trilogy?
     Not yet.

3.) What is the first thing you think when you see salt?
      Quotes mostly. "If a salt looseth its flavour, wherewith shall it be salted?" or puns, "We're taking this meal with a grain of salt, hardy har har."

4.) Are you a Tolkien Purist?
     YES! Our family does not discuss the film version of The Two Towers when I'm around. 

5.) Range Rover or Land Rover?
     Landie, because they're a bit smaller, and I prefer smaller cars.

6.) What book are you reading RIGHT NOW, and is it good?
     I am not reading anything. I'm having trouble finding something decent to read.

7.) Do you like Raisin cookies?
     Yes, actually. 

8.) Have you ever had Vegan Chocolate?
     It sticks in my mind that I attempted to eat some vegan chocolate chips once, and didn't particularly enjoy the experience.

9.) What does it mean to have cat-like tread?

10.) Would you go shopping with me dressed as your favorite Avenger?
       Do you mean that you are going to dress up as my favourite Avenger, or that I'd have to?

11.) Do you ever wear a robe? 
       Well... no. I mostly wear shawls... that is, when it is nice enough weather to compell the additional layer of clothing. No shawls during the Dog Days.

Right. So. That's done. I am caught up.  I feel good about that - like I have accomplished something. It is novel. Hopefully, the next post will be a bit of writing. I have ambitious story ideas brewing, and have actually started getting some if it down. If the chapter I am working in turns out well, I might post it. I am saying this aloud and in public as a means of getting a move on here.  


Molly said...

Consider your public announcement read and received with great rejoicing! (And I am much taken with the poppies, by the way.)

Jack said...

Had I known that about chocolate chips I would have gone to the store. I should anyways, better late then never!

You have been very crafty. I am in awe of our impressive skills. Especially paper folding.