Monday, December 30, 2013

Candlelight Carol

While old songs with a bit of history attached to them are particularly nice, and are probably my favourite sort of music, sometimes a really lovely modern song turns up, which is every bit as fine and satisfying. Candlelight Carol is just such a song. It was written in 1984 by John Rutter, and has been covered by numerous artists, but I only heard it for the first time this year, sung by the Welsh tenor, Aled Jones, and I have become immensely fond of it:


Molly said...

You know, I had ever intention this Christmas season of posting this piece as one that should never, under any circumstances be sung solo. You and the thoroughly splendid rendition here have left me without a leg to stand on.

Mahri said...

I rather think, if this had not been my introduction to the song, I would be much of the same mind. A chorus of men's voices would do this nicely. Aled Jones just manages to combine a very sweet voice with very sensible arrangements that completely avoids sentimentality.