Monday, October 14, 2013

Let's Have A Merry Little Round of Tag, Shall We?

A while back, I mentioned that I had gotten behind on tags. Like.... really, really behind on tags. And I feel bad about it, because it is nice to be tagged. I appreciate being tagged. I especially appreciate being tagged by new followers, which means that I feel particularly bad about waiting so long to get to Miss Melody Muffin's Getting To Know You tag. (Engages in a sheepish shuffling of the feet, whilst considering how to go on from here....)  So... a very belated thank you to Miss Muffin, and without further ado:

1.)  Coffee or tea?
There was a time the answer to this would have been a straight-forward "coffee!" Nowadays, however, I drink both of them in great quantities. (See the profile on my sidebar :-)

2.) You win $1000! What would be something fun you that you would do with it?
Um... Change out all the stainless steel ferrules on my bagpipes for brass instead? Go on a trip to see some of my long-distance friends whom I have not seen in a while? BOTH? That is probably enough for both!

3.) You're given the opportunity for the lead part in a play. Would you take it?
Probably... not. I actually think I could be a decent actress, and would enjoy the the acting part of it. It is the being watched part of it that gars me run for my life at the very idea of being in a play.

4.) Would you rather sing, play an instrument or listen?
Heh heh. I choose all of the above. I love music, and enjoy listening to other people make it as much as I enjoy being musical myself. However, when I sing, it is mostly to myself, or in a crowd. Public soloing means involves showing more of myself than I am comfortable with, and it scares the living daylights out of me.

5.) Are you more of a chit-chat person?  Or sporty?
Frankly, I am the very amused observer lurking in the corner, with a book close to hand. I think, if I had to pick one, I'd have to go with chit-chat, because I cannot really call myself sporty. I did fencing for a bit, and I'd like to learn to box, but running about and all that? Nah.

6.) Did you ever have an unrealistic dream as a child?
Not that I can remember.

7.) Have you fulfilled any of the dreams you had as a child?
No. (Sheesh, that just sounds sad, doesn't it? I have fulfilled dreams from after I was a child. Does that count?)

8.) What's the one place in the world that you've always wanted to visit?
I've actually been able to go to most the places I most wanted to see - Italy, Ireland, Scotland. (See, dreams :-) The one place I still haven't been to yet is Venice, so I'll go with that.

9.) What book character do you always find yourself imitating?
When I was much younger, pretty much every character I liked. Now, it is more likely to be historical characters, or characters out of my own stories.

10.) What's your favorite season?  Why?
Autumn. Because it is beautiful and exciting, and makes me feel like I can take on the world. The leaves of the aspens and birches burst into flame, the air gets brisk (I hate hot weather) and smells so good. There is wind, and clouds, and geese that go crying across the sky in v-formation. Perhaps it is because I read The Lord of the Rings when I was quite young, but Autumn has always been the season for adventure to me.

11.) What are some of your favorite blogs to read?
Confession time: I am a terrible blog follower. I am more of a blog dropper-by. And I drop by a quite a lot of blogs - food blogs; art blogs; writing blogs; history blogs; Tolkien blogs; Catholic blogs; serious blogs; fun blogs... It really depends on my mood. 

12.) How long have you been blogging?
That's a good question. (Looks at profile.) Well, look at that. Since 2010. 

Amanda and Bella both have tagged me with the Liebster Blog Award, so I am just going to combine them. I've done this one a few times before, so, to spice things up a bit, I am not going to list 11 facts about myself this time. Instead, I am going to post picture of 11 unusual things that I generally have in my purse. 

1.) WWI - WWII Standard Issue Pull Chain Soldiers' Rosary. (Click on the link. There is more information about the things than I have been able to find anywhere else.) I believe I have mentioned this item before on this blog. It is one of my favourite things. A Proper Mathom

2.) Pocket-sized, edition of The Hobbit - leather-bound, as you can see, and gilt-edged. I believe that one should always carry a good book in case of emergencies.

3.) This extremely cool, collapsible tin cup, with leather case. It is tremendously handy, and yes, I have used it.

4.) These odd prayer books: One has Catholic Prayers in Irish and Scots Gaelic, and the other has Catholic Prayers in Italian. I intend, you see, to use them for the rosary, or something, and work on acquiring new languages. So far it hasn't happened, but I am ready, should the moment strike me. 

5.) A pair of squished, souvenir pennies - one for Edinburgh Castle and one for the Nevada State Museum. Also, an old Irish 2p coin - a currency rendered obsolete withe the introduction of the Euro.

6.) A digital voice recorder. Because my techie uncle was getting rid of it, and it seemed a good thing to have. You never know when you will need to record an incriminating conversation! 

7.) This incredibly ugly pen, because it also has an LED light in it, and can be used as a flashlight.

8.) This attractive fountain pen to make up for the other one. I do use fountain pens. This one is a modern one, with an ink cartridge in it. I prefer the older ones, which require ink bottles, but the Shaeffer Tuckaway, which is my favourite pen to use, needs to have its ink sac replaced, and is temporarily out of commission. (When it isn't. There is generally a bottle of ink in my purse as well.)

9.) Emergency Rations: In this case, bullion cubes, instant oatmeal, tea and chocolate. I've read too many WWII and escaping POWs books, and as a result, I almost always have some food hidden in the inner pocket, which will be used only in the gravest of emergencies.

10.) This antique Cartolina Postale (that is Italian for post card), written to someone's Cara Sorella. (dear sister in Italian :-)

11.) This odd scrap of paper, containing doodles, the titles of a couple books I am interested in perusing, and an odd quote by Winston Churchill. 

And now, for Bella's questions:

Do you wear penny-loafers?
Not anymore. I used to - a very cute brown pair, with pennies in them. Nowadays, I just stick to a pair of saddle shoes.

Do you draw?
I try to. It is more doodling. My sisters - bless them - say that the doodles have lots of feeling to them. 

Do you own a sword?
Several. Have you not read my blog, girlie?

What are your thoughts on Oz? (The land not the wizard)
Follow the Yellow Brick Road.
Follow the Yellow Brink Road.
Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the Yellow Brick Road.....

Nick Fury: Loki used it to turn two of the sharpest men I know into his personal flying monkeys.
Steve Rogers: I understood that reference! (looks inordinately proud of himself.)

I actually don't think about The Wizard of Oz at all, can you tell?

Do you play any sports?
Ehm.... Not really. I like watching hockey, though. And soccer. And live baseball.

For you what is most important in a story? (a) a good Plot (b) the right feel (c) good characters?
This was a hard one for me to answer, because each of those elements are very important to me. However, I will forgive a story a good deal, if it can make me care for the characters. On the other hand, I do read Patricia McKillip's books for the feel of them, so it is not a hard and fast rule.

Matt Smith or Benedict Cumberbatch?
Billy Boyd :-)

Was your dollhouse ever haunted?
!?!?!?!?!?! Why would you even ask such a horrible thing?

Romping adventures or a quiet night with a cup of tea?
I want to say both. I feel like I want adventures, but I think, if it came right down to it, my initial reaction to adventure would be much like Bilbo's: "Nasty, uncomfortable things, makes one late for dinner." Either way, I seldom refuse the invitation to partake in a cuppa.

Have you ever written a twisted fairy tale?
I don't know. I have scribbled out some sketches of stories based on fairy tales. Is that what you mean?

What does a crack in the wall mean to you?
It depends on the crack. A wee harmless crack will cause me no alarm. Zig-zaggy lines remind me of Dr. Who and large cracks gar me wonder if there is something living in my wall that will come out at night and scare me. Fortunately, there are hardly any cracks in my pinewood walls, so I cracks and I are on good terms with each other. 

And there you are. I am caught up again! I know I have been a very indifferent blogger of late - I have no excuse. Life has decided to behave more pleasantly than it has in a while (Thanks be to God!) but the Muse is is being coy and vexing, and largely silent. And I have been too tired and lazy to pursue her properly. I shall endevour to do better in the future, but just how faithful I am to this remains to be seen.


Bella Rose said...

LOL Mahri, you are hilarious. I love tagging you because your answers are always the best - especially the one about adventures :) And posting the 11 random things in your purse was really new. It made me laugh - you do carry about some interesting things :-D

Jack said...

I like your purse items, so much more interesting than lip stick and whatever random things happen to be in normal purses. Emergency food is very important.

An Avengers quote. One can never go wrong there 8-D

Amy said...

If we ever get stranded, can I have dibs on the chocolate bar? And I will even be so good as to brew up some pine needle tea. I carry my harmonica around...There will be entertainment. Being stranded could be fun! lol.
I think purses are often wasted. There are so many cool things that can be carried around in a purse! As you have so helpfully proven!