Sunday, June 2, 2013

Late Again

Last year, I posted Hayley Westenra's version of the Corpus Christi Carol, and I was a day late on it. This post is two days past the date of the feast of Corpus Christi - but I have only just discovered this extremely fine version of the carol and have absolutely fallen in love with it. The tune and the arrangement are nothing at all like Hayley's version, but it is quite beautiful:


Jack said...

Very nice song, I love music like that. haunting and so pretty

Anonymous said...

WoW!! What a song. Beautiful is an understatement. Could you send me the words so I could sing it too? Gina

Jack said...

I kind of had the same thoughts as you about Coulson, about him becoming the bad guy. I could have hugged him by the end of Iron Man when I realized he was the good guy. When I saw him in Thor I almost squealed, (While all the other girls were squealing over Thor without a shirt.) And when he was killed I was devastated and refused to believe it. I kind of drove my family crazy, writing Coulson Lives on all our car windows.

He kind of reminds me of Sherlock, if Sherlock could ever keep his mouth shut and stay in the background. He is observant but he doesn't show off about it. He is just amazing and I'm mainly watching the SHIELD TV show just for him. *Grin*