Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Epiphany

Epiphany is the last day of Christmas, and commemorates the visitation of the Three Kings to the child Jesus. The feast day is also known as Little Christmas, or Nollaig Bheag, in Ireland. My family has always referred to it as Little Christmas, and traditionally, we celebrate it much as we do Christmas day, though on a smaller scale. We always choose one present to set aside for Epiphany before we start opening everything Christmas morning, and it is a source of pride to make this package be one of the most intriguing present we can find. Those gifts remain under the tree for the full twelve days, and when they little girls get up on Epiphany morning, they discover that the Three Kings have stopped by on their way to Bethlehem and left a small gift for each of them under the tree as well. We usually have an Italian meal, very similar to the gnocchi and ham we had for Christmas dinner, and generally make merry. It is a wonderful tradition, and an excellent way of keeping the spirit of Christmas in the home, when the world is well finished with it. Below is a clip featuring the song, We Three Kings. I liked both the arrangement, and the graphics:


Amy said...

Ooh...we really do know how to celebrate around here! :-)

Treskie said...

Hey, Mahri, you've been tagged! Come over and see the rules! :)