Sunday, June 27, 2010


My 6 year old sister, Jacinta, uttered a rather shocking remark today:

"I know a four letter word." she said, sounding very pleased with herself.

I know Jacinta well enough to not be unduly alarmed by this revelation. "Be careful of the company you use it in." I admonished her, unfairly taking advantage of my superior knowledge of the topic to attempt a bit of wit at her expense.

"M-hm." she agreed vaguely, and after a breathless pause announced, "Andy is a four letter word!"

Well, what can you say to that? "Andy" is indeed a four letter word. AnnaMaria, who has a whole year on Jacinta, agreed that it was a very good four letter word, and the two of them engaged in an entirely innocent four letter word contest, utterly oblivious of the laugh they were providing their older sisters.

What brought on this sudden interest in four letter words, you ask? Well, it was this song that prompted it. As you can see, they missed the point, which is just as well.

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